Trenton was settled in 1713-14, became the county seat of Jones County in 1779, and incorporated in 1874. Many of the original historical buildings in the town of Trenton were ravaged by fire, including the original courthouse (1764), the second courthouse (1937), and the entire southern business block (1941). The fire of 1941 brought fire engines from Kinston and New Bern to save the remaining buildings. Action was taken in 1955 by several members of the community towards fire protection, and Trenton Volunteer Fire Department was born.

Today, Trenton Volunteer Fire Department protects 250+ residents in the town of Trenton and covers approximately 78 rural square miles to protect 3000+ residents in a six mile radius. Trenton Volunteer Fire Department maintains and keeps in service numerous fire trucks, including two engine/pumper trucks, one tanker, one brush truck, and one equipment truck. Trenton Volunteer Fire Department currently has 28 members: 5 elected officials, 5 board members, and several junior fire fighters. Each year, TVFD responds to approximately 80 calls including structure fires, vehicle accidents, woods fire, etc.